Western and Mountain Blues

The power of water in the desert! We put in a ground bath that is fed by a small, high birdbath called a Misty. The slow drip, drip of the water attracts types of birds unlikely to come to a feeder. Our rewards have been mixed flocks of bluebirds (both Western and Mountain), and Cedar Waxwings.

west meets mountain blues

We also get our feeder birds in the bath; lots of Pine Siskins, Dark-eyed Juncos (Oregon and Grey-headed, with a stray Slate-colored now and then), our resident Canyon Towhees, and a pair of Eurasian Collared Doves. A small flock of Scaled Quail ran through our yard , but that seems to have been a one-time event, darn it! We also have a flock of Pinyon Jays in the area, and it seems to have been a good year for them due to the bumper crop of Pinon nuts. The identification of this little bird stymied me for a bit, I am ashamed to say, because it was a rather common Yellow-rumped Warbler. She had such a pretty blush of apricot that I was sure she was something much more exotic!

yellow rumped female

New Mexico is known for its lovely sunrises, but since the Sandia mountains are east of us, these are often blocked. However, we do get some lovely sunsets! I took this during the same time frame as the other shots.