Two Turkeys

This flock of tom turkeys contained one standout bird, with a patchwork of lighter colors that glowed in the Autumn sun. Compare him to one of the “normal” turkeys.

Gold Turkey   Turkey

Photographed in a protected park, hopefully he will survive this hunting season to pass on his genes next year!


Autumn Owl


Autumn Creek

The roller coaster ride that is Autumn has officially started here. Last Monday we sweated on a hike in 80 F weather. And in less than a week, I was hauling the houseplants in for the hard frost that came as predicted.

Autumn Lake

The hike was this: For the first time (for him), I finally convinced my Sweetie to go on an owl search for me at Radnor Lake. The fall colors were almost at their peak, and he hadn’t realized how beautiful this park is. However, we had to laugh at the “No” signs all around – as in, No Running, No Picnics, no loud noises, no musical instruments… As for the owl, I am pleased to say we finally spotted one, sitting quietly off trail in the canopy. As I was snapping pictures, my other half was lucky to watch it spit up a pellet! Since I have only ever seen one Barred Owl there at a time, we decided that there should be an addition to the rules – Only One Owl per Visit!  Forest Ghost closer