Goodbye New Mexico

It was so hard to leave New Mexico; it is my favorite place of all I’ve lived. I am now having new adventures in Nashville, Tennessee. I had to move due to my career. I am a zoo veterinary technician, which is a very specialized field, and although I enjoyed my other jobs, I feel that working with exotic animals is my forte. I still intend to publish wildlife images, but interspersed will be cute animals with stories of their lives.
Some may not “like” zoos. I wish they didn’t have to exist. But until there are safe havens for these animals in the wild, we will continue to do our part to conserve and protect. Some last images from Sandia Park –
grey bluebird

A dumpy “grey” Western Bluebird, but cute nonetheless, and

oriole girl

A lovely Bullock’s Oriole lady, understated compared to the flashy plumage of the male.

My last New Mexico rainbow.

Last Rainbow


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