An Unexpected Guest

The end of the year was rough, both personally and career-wise. Hence the break in my postings. To get this ball rolling again, I would like to share a wonderful surprise from our last Thanksgiving in New Mexico. one more fall pic

Just about every year I make a nice big traditional spread for Turkey Day. Whether invited guests show up or not, I love the nurturing feeling of cooking all day for those I love. On that particular year something special occurred, which made us all the more thankful.


A small presence made itself known on our front entryway, a creature I’ve never before seen, despite years of working with wild and exotic animals. A Least Weasel found it necessary to take refuge in the woodpile on our back porch. The wee little thing seemed to be searching the surrounding environs for a threat; one or two glances our way reassured it that there was no harm to come from our quarter. I don’t know what could have alarmed such an effective predator, but we felt blessed to have this most unexpected guest grace us with its presence on one of my favorite holidays. Sometimes one has to search long and hard for the more secretive denizens of the wild lands; sometimes, they magically appear!

weasel2 weasel4