Kenai Fjord Cruise

dalls porpoise Dall’s Porpoise

Highlights of a cruise around the glaciers. Of course the wildlife was the highlight for me! The Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians held their annual meeting in Seward, Alaska last week. These pictures are from an earlier trip, as it was not my turn to attend. Mountain Goats were visible on the shore, and Sea Lions on the rocks.

mountain goats sea lions

This Sea Otter was of special interest to the folks at the Alaska Sealife Center, where I worked for a winter. He had been sighted earlier in the year, with a traumatic amputation of his foot (unknown how it happened). Numerous attempts were made to catch him for treatment, but he eluded his would-be rescuers. Luckily I got pictures of him, healed and apparently healthy! You can see how his left rear leg is stumpy.  sea otter1

Also a cute Red Squirrel near the cabin I stayed in.

red squirrel


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