Up the Creek

Late summer rains have been hitting us hard.

Also, you may have figured this out already but I am a sucker for animals in need.

These two facts collided in such a way as to bring about one of my more unusual rescues. A creek runs around our house, and one of my deepest pleasures is taking a pair of binoculars and wading through the water. Birds, snakes, crayfish – I love ’em all! But my unexpected rescue was after a bout of flooding. I couldn’t go into the creek, which was running too high for safety, so I contented myself with walking next to it. When I reached the end of my path, I turned up a dirt road to head home. Numerous puddles cut through the gravel. I sidestepped one only to see movement within. A fish had somehow gotten trapped. Now, this may not seem too unusual, given our proximity to a creek. But this particular puddle was UPHILL, nowhere near the creek proper, and at least a quarter mile from any tributary! The sun was coming out, and puddles that had seemed huge were disappearing fast. Soon the finned one would be high and dry.

little puddle   little fish

The fish eyed me suspiciously when I returned with a mason jar. It was surprisingly easy to catch him; after the first few attempts at eluding me he seemed to give up. I hiked back home, to the main creek. I paused only long enough to take a few pictures, and released him gently into the water.

almost home

It makes no difference in the big scheme of things, I know, but that one little act of kindness sure felt nice.


2 thoughts on “Up the Creek

  1. Robin Baker says:

    Maybe when he grows up, you’ll catch him for dinner.

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