A Box Full of Puppies

Another off-birding topic – My sweetie and I were headed for a run on a remote hilly trail. When we pulled into the parking lot, I slowed down to look at an incongruous box. A black puppy lay outside of it, head on paws. When Keith asked, “What the hell is that?” I replied, “I think it’s a box full of puppies.” Because I could see one more nose peeking out through a square cut into the side. Sure enough, when he got out to investigate, puppies exploded everywhere!. We had to corral them back inside, the little black female being the hardest to catch. We delayed our run to take them back home. We only had cat food, and they fell upon it like a school of piranhas. A huge bowl of water was attacked in the same fashion. These kids were starving, and yet very afraid of us. blackie

My first calls to local rescue groups were in vain. Being the height of summer, everyone was full of puppies and kittens. All of the County shelters were at capacity, and would likely have no patience for half-feral, wormy-and fleabit- pups. Even the local no-kill shelter had me make an appointment to “see if they were adoptable”. Over and over again they asked if they had any pit bull in them.

puppies5  puppies4

Thankfully, I have a friend who works the rescue circuit. An organization that told me they had no foster parents miraculously had a home open up. The pups were taken to Critter Cavalry, where they will receive health and mental care. Although some of the puppies responded exuberantly to our attempts at love, there were a few that still seemed terrified. I gave as much of a donation as I could. But if you are able, every little bit helps!


Karma… it’s a bitch.. or three! There are also 3 boys 😉

If you are interested in adoption or donation, please check out http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/tn434.html

We are not set up for a puppy right now, or I would have kept the little blonde girl with a slight squint. She was the first to realize that we, as people, didn’t suck. Even little Blackie had a tail wag for us at the end.

All of our pets are rescues.


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    In case you need yet another story of animal dumping and an example of why fixing your dog and cat is absolutely a requirement. ITS FREE almost everywhere you assholes!

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