Hawk Handling

Hawks Aloft in New Mexico holds monthly Raptor Handling Class. Volunteers that are interested in helping out at educational event booths learn to work with hawks and other birds of prey on jesses. We bring the easier birds to handle. Note that easier doesn’t always mean small! Aztec, the Great Horned Owl pictured here with Keith, is rock solid, and allows pretty much anyone to hold her.                                          keith and Aztec

But there are always participants who are TERRIFIED, no matter what! Such as one young man who held Aztec. He was so tense that she picked up on it, and the owl that patiently stood for a dozen people opened her wings and “danced” up his arm. He thought he was going to get gangrene from a tiny scrape she left on his skin! I told him to call us if his arm fell off.

All of the Educational Ambassador birds are rescues from the wild, and are non-releasable for various reasons.                      quemado the red tail at class For example, Quemado the Red-tailed Hawk has a broken wing.

I’m including some artistic shots from home. Can you find the horse in the clouds? And I don’t mind sharing garden veggies with nibblers as pretty as this swallowtail butterfly caterpillar.

dancing horse cloud  swallowtail larva on parsley


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