Wild at Heart

Taking a bit of a different tack this week. I found some pictures from a raptor rehabilitation center I volunteered for in Arizona. Wild at Heart (http://wildatheartowls.org/) does rescue and rehabilitation for injured and orphaned raptors (birds of prey) in the Phoenix, Arizona area. I was privileged to volunteer for them for a few years. One of the most important things they do is relocate Burrowing Owls.  baby buows

These amazing birds actually live underground, and that is what gets them in trouble. When new construction is planned, in a previously untouched place, the owls are in danger of getting smooshed in their burrows by the excavation and heavy equipment. Luckily, this is illegal, and companies must contract through a company like WAH to safely remove the owls and relocate them. But these little buggers know where home is, and if released, would fly right back into danger. They must be held for 60 days to break their “site loyalty”. During this time, they are fed and cared for by the amazing staff there. Also during this time, new burrows are being dug in safe areas (such as native reservations), so the owls have a home to go to once their time is up. They may not seem grateful, but whenever I cleaned their aviaries, these frightened owls would often land on me as if I were part of the perching! I could just lift them off me and place them out of the way. If you can’t tell, they are my favorite owl. intimidation buow I have some terrific pictures of babies, because WAH will even take eggs they find in the burrows, and incubate them until they hatch. Every owl counts!

Also included are some baby pictures of Great Horned Owl fledglings. Owls are terrific parents, and foster pairs at WAH will take on as many orphans as you can give them! That way, they grow up knowing they are owls, and not people.

angelowls1  3 ghows


4 thoughts on “Wild at Heart

  1. surfstuff55 says:

    There is a movie called HOOT (may or may not have an S on the end, but I think not) It”s about some kids in Florida that protest a restaurant being built because of the owls nesting in the ground. The soundtrack is by Jimmy Buffett, and he plays a minor role as a teacher.

    • crookedwolf says:

      Jimmy Buffet was also a co-producer. I “had” to watch the movie, as I was with Wild at Heart at the time, and they do so much Burrowing Owl work. It wasn’t too bad; critics seem to forget it is a kid’s movie.
      To my chagrin, Jimmy never came out to see OUR owls.. 😉

  2. gearbird says:

    Reblogged this on imac18blog and commented:

  3. gearbird says:

    I like your work. ever seen Skellig: The Owl Man?

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